St.Friday Socks x Tretyakov Gallery 

The result of the collaborationbetween St.Friday Socks and the Tretyakov Gallery is a limited collection of socks called "Supremus". For its creation were used the motifs of paintings and graphic works of representatives of the Russian avant-garde from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery.

“Black Square”, “Woman with a rake”, “At the mowing” by Kazimir Malevich, “Suprematism” by Ivan Klyun and the work of the same name by Ilya Chashnik, “The Head of a Bull” by Mikhail Larionov, “The Sign of the Society“ Supremus ”” and "Sketch of fabric with an ornament from color triangles" Lyubov Popova. These artworks were chosen as one of the most interesting and remarkable for creating socks design. The ninth model of the collection was the graphic fantasy of St.Friday Socks designers on the themes of the Russian avant-garde.

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