St.Friday Socks x Pushkin Museum

St.Friday Socks in collaboration with the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts created a limited collection of socks based on the masterpieces of world painting and sculpture from the permanent collection of the museum.

The design of the models was developed based on the works of the Pushkin Museum that are most recognizable and loved by the visitors: “Are you jealous?” Paintings by Paul Gauguin, “Red vineyards in Arles, Montmage”, “The sea in Saint-Marie” and “Portrait of Dr. Felix Ray” by Vincent van Gogh, “The Jaguar's Attack on the Horse” by Henri Rousseau (“The Customs Officer”), as well as the sculptures “Discoball” by Miron, “David” by Michelangelo and the Egyptian sarcophagus.

The creators of this collection repeated their successful experience of careful transformation of famous works of art into textile design. Reproductions were disassembled into fragments reflecting the spirit of the paintings and statues.

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