Sammy Icon Spring Summer 2016 Collection

When the winter with all its gloomy weather goes away, the spring wakening comes and that is the very time when you are in need of compensating for all the bright colors that you missed.
Sammy Icon is the brand to help you to fulfill your lack of colors. The brand creators did all their best in finding inspiration for their new collection. They tried to climb the Fitzroy Mountain, chased the Bengal tiger, tasted hot pepper at the Port Of Spain markets, played chess for hours on the streets of Casablanca and they even run away from lava of a looked to be sleeping volcano. And while their experience was still fresh, the new collection was created.

Sammy Icon is always experimenting with the designs of their socks and this time they invented their own Mismatched  Socks - a pair of two different socks united by a story.

Endless travels and new friends all over the world brought Sammy Icon to the point that their socks are already sold in more than 30 countries from Mexico to Japan, so wherever you go there will always be Sammy Icon.

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