This pair features "Nikto nikomu nichego ne dozhdik" message in cyrillic. 


The message on these socks actually is a play of words. The usual correct saying would have been something like "Nobody owes nobody" or "Nobody owes anything to anyone" so in Russian that is "Nikto nikomu nichego ne dolzhen" but the last word in this phraze was replaced to other word that just sounds a bit similair to "dolzhen" (owes). And the word "dozhdik", as google correclty translated to you, means "rain" (or even more correctly "little rain").


As a result, we have a play of words, where an ordinary pharse turned into meaningless but funny message, that could be roughly translated as "Nobody owes nobody a rain". That's all about that, as if you want to tell something, but actually don't, because the phrase sounds familiar and predictable when you start reading this, but in the end it appears to be absolute nonsens, which makes it simultaneously odd and funny.

St.Friday Socks - "NNNND"

  • St.Friday Socks is a sock brand from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Started in 2015 with ambitions to conquer the world with its colorful socks. There is much more to socks than you may think! It’s not just a regular clothing item nor a necessary accessory. Your socks make your day. And it’s only you to decide what kind of a day to live - a black and a boring one or bright and colorful.