These Isa Invisible sneaker socks are actually kind of perfect for showing off. An eye-catching mix of copper brown and lilac purple, this attention-grabbing style wants out of your plimsolls and into your party heels! Featuring a slight glittery sheen, they’re made from comfy, slinky viscose.

Hysteria Isa Invisible Sneaker Sock - Pink/Purple/Brown

  • Hysteria, the first lifestyle sock brand for modern, fashion-conscious women. Brought to you by the fabulously creative minds behind Happy Socks, this unique new line seeks to transform the way women think about socks.


    We see women expressing themselves as a mark of strength, and we believe in their right to do so however they want! Hysteria is reclaiming the word as a positive thing; women shouldn’t be labelled for feeling how they want to feel, acting how they want to act, and dressing how they want to dress! Hysteria is a powerful word that represents this freedom.


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