This high knees blend an elegant color combination with a versatile design to create the Cilla Knee High.


Made of gorgeous, lightweight viscose, these cream knee-high socks have a slinky feel and subtle sheen.


A hidden fashion detail is the color-pop fuchsia toe and heel. Whether you wear them pushed down or pulled up, they'll add a unique touch to your outfit. Available in size 36-41.

Hysteria Cilla Knee High - White

  • Hysteria, the first lifestyle sock brand for modern, fashion-conscious women. Brought to you by the fabulously creative minds behind Happy Socks, this unique new line seeks to transform the way women think about socks.


    We see women expressing themselves as a mark of strength, and we believe in their right to do so however they want! Hysteria is reclaiming the word as a positive thing; women shouldn’t be labelled for feeling how they want to feel, acting how they want to act, and dressing how they want to dress! Hysteria is a powerful word that represents this freedom.


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