This Glen Clyde sock is made using Cordura fabrics goes a different direction from their usual Chup socks patterns, and features a print inspired by vintage US Navy equipment.


As most cordura fabrics are Nylon, this original textile is cotton blended with Nylon with a touch of necessary polyurethane for strech to produce a stealth pair of socks. 


Cordura is known to hold up well to abrasions and scuffs, so much so that it is commonly used in the production of standard issue U.S. Military uniforms and bags.

Glen Clyde Cordura US Navy Vintage - Khaki

  • Created by Japanese textile and sock manufacturing specialists Glen Clyde, Chup (“Classical Human’s Universal Peace”) specialises in earth-friendly, aboriginal-inspired hosiery. The label creates unique and bright knit designs with ethnic colors from all over the world. High quality frame knit socks woven with the best attention to detail. Hand finished in Japan at a rate of only 25 pairs a day. Widely considered as some of the best socks available.