Chup Zakko socks are inspired by the town of Yamabe, with its history of knitting and textiles dating back to the Edo period, is known as the fountainhead of summer knits. In contrast with winter sweaters, absorption and quick drying are the sought after qualities of the yarns. The beige represents the beach sand mixed with seashells, the rainbow represents the fish hiding in the colorful coral, and the blue represents the deep waters of the ocean.


Chup Socks exist in a special category of artisan produced, durable, and truly unique accompaniments to your hand-grade footwear. Extremely meticulous production out of Japan with the rare hand-linked toe and comprised of the finest durable yarns available make a Chup not just a sock, but an artful luxury heritage accessory.

Chup Zakko - Beige Mix

  • Created by Japanese textile and sock manufacturing specialists Glen Clyde, Chup (“Classical Human’s Universal Peace”) specialises in earth-friendly, aboriginal-inspired hosiery.


    The label creates unique and bright knit designs with ethnic colors from all over the world. High quality frame knit socks woven with the best attention to detail. Hand finished in Japan at a rate of only 25 pairs a day. Widely considered as some of the best socks available.