Chup Tay socks are inspired by the Shetland Isles, where the fountainhead of the fair isle knits, nature colorfully remains. There are numerous lakes and rivers, among which the Tay River is said to be the longest in Scotland. The multitude of blues and greens of these socks are an expression of the view from the island, with water as far as the eye can see.


Chup Socks exist in a special category of artisan produced, durable, and truly unique accompaniments to your hand-grade footwear. Extremely meticulous production out of Japan with the rare hand-linked toe and comprised of the finest durable yarns available make a Chup not just a sock, but an artful luxury heritage accessory.

Chup Tay - Navy

  • Created by Japanese textile and sock manufacturing specialists Glen Clyde, Chup (“Classical Human’s Universal Peace”) specialises in earth-friendly, aboriginal-inspired hosiery.


    The label creates unique and bright knit designs with ethnic colors from all over the world. High quality frame knit socks woven with the best attention to detail