Lava Socks. Iceland Series. Bright Socks Made in Russia

Lava Socks is a young brand from Russia that makes bright and colorful socks. High quality and special attention to details are the key principles that underlined the products of this brand. Lava Socks are seamless socks made in Russia on Italian equipment, of fine cotton from India. These socks will not make you feel uncomfortable and will not sore your feet. The detailed size range is also what makes these brand different from the most sock brands, allowing you to choose your size that will fit perfectly on your feet.


Iceland Series was designed by an Iceland designer of Russian origin – Alisa Kalyanova. The collection shows you that Iceland is not only a stark beauty of the North with its illimitable spaces and geysers. But, in the patterns of the collection you can see the main characters of this wonderful land: Atlantic puffin – the most unusual representative of the Icelandic fauna; Arctic berries that are scattered all over the Iceland’s vast lands; Fish – that feed the country with all its diversity and, of course, elves and ghosts in which Icelanders believe.





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