Happy Socks x Andy Warhol Exclusive Collection

Andy Warhol, the preeminent American artist of the 20th Century, challenged the world to see art differently. To Warhol, art was everything and everything was art. Like Happy Socks, he found beauty in everyday places and invited everyone to enjoy it, not just a select few: Sock Art is for Everyone.

Drawing inspiration from his now-iconic screen prints, this collaboration is a timeless tribute to Warhol that portrays his passion, his role as the pioneer of pop art, and continues his quest to make art accessible to all.

The collection includes six pairs of combed cotton socks, available in Happy Socks unisex sizes; 36–40 and 41–46. All items are available for sale separately or combined as a part of a limited edition gift box.


Dollar sign

Warhol’s breakthrough in 1961 came with a series of prints with Dollar bills and signs as a motif. After 20 years, he perfected the silkscreen printing process and created this masterpiece.



True to his nickname “The Prince of Pop Art”, Warhol found a way to make a cow into a piece of art. Dripping with brightness, Cow is a revolutionary print.



This fruity beauty graced the cover of the legendary rock band The Velvet Underground & Nico's debut record, one of the most acclaimed and influential albums of all time.



In an effort to create what he considered to be true art, Warhol blurred the lines between high and low art when he used a printing press to produce 10 copies of the original painting.