Happy Socks x AAT Brothers

Collaboration of the world famous Swedish sock brand with the Russian artists Tvorogov brothers (AAT Brothers) as a part of Local Hero project.

Throughout the yares, Happy Socks expanded its reach to over 70 countries. While all collections are still designed in Stockholm, Sweden, the Happy Socks team came up with a new concept called Local Hero.

Collaborations are a vital part of Happy Socks' DNA and have contributed in the brand remaining relevant since it initiated the socks market in 2008.

Artists Aleksey and Anton Tvorogov designed this playfully unexpected pair of socks as part of the Happy Socks Local Hero collection.


Featuring blue and orange meditating dogs against a teal background, the anthropomorphized animals in the Russian brothers’ artwork allows them to express different emotions and mythological consciousness.


The Local Hero collection features celebrated figures within their local communities around the world. These exclusive socks are available in sizes for women and men.

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