Chup socks Spring/Summer 2019

Chup Socks Spring/Summer 2019 collection inspired by the traditional cultures from around the world.


Chup "Boleslaw"

Bolesławiec is a town located in southwestern Poland, famous for its ceramics history.


This design is evocative of handmade tablewares, with warm and mellow colors and shapes.

Chup "Pask"

Easter in Swedish is called “påsk” and comes from the Hebrew word “pesah” meaning passing. It is a celebration lasting several days at the end of a long, dark winter.


People decorate their front doors and yards with twigs adorned with colorful feathers.


These socks are based on the image of a colorful Easter celebration.


Chup "Colorado"

The confluence of the Colorado and Green Rivers, where one can see the results of a millennia of work carving out the canyons. Where the two rivers meet, one can see the contrasting colors of the waters.


These socks express through the colors and patterns the roughness of those rivers and canyons.

Chup "Majbrasa"

“Majbrasa”, bonfire in Swedish, are made in various regions in Sweden to celebrate the coming of spring.


The flames shine brilliantly into the night sky, almost blowing away the cold.


The socks are an expression of those fires and the spring colors they portend.


Tromsø, a city in northern Norway, is famed as a viewing point for the colorful Northern Lights.


The snow begins melting in April, letting the flowers peek through after a long winter.


These socks are based on the image of those flowers.

Chup "Tromso"


Chup "Fjord"

The fjords, those peculiar bays of Scandinavia, carved out over eons by glaciers.


These socks are an expression of the most beautiful fjords of Norway, in particular the plants and flowers that grow there.


‘Sashiko’, the Japanese traditional sewing method, bringing together layers of fabric to create strength and insulation. Such re-made cloth was durable and treated as a valuable material.


“Fukube” (foo-koo-beh) means an emptied out gourd used as a bottle/vessel, and is a symbol of good luck. It can be seen in the central portion of this design.

Chup "Fukube"


Finnish for “lake”, the image brought to mind is of the surface reflections of the sky, the light of the sun and moon mixing.


The melange of the toe and heel express the lake surface.


These socks are an expression of the grand nature of Finland and the illusory moments that occur.

Chup "Jarvi"

Chup "Up Hely Aa"


A festival of fire held every January in Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands, to mark the islands' historical links with the Vikings. In the main ceremony a model of a Viking long ship is burned in the middle of the town.


The lines in this design are inspired by the vikings’ weapons and shield as they rode their ships, and even the ocean waves themselves.


May these socks mark an end to the harsh winter and welcome to the abundance of the coming spring.

Chup Socks SS19
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