Chup socks Spring/Summer 2018

Chup Socks SS18
Chup Tay Socks SS18

Chup Tay

Even now, on the Shetland Isles, the fountainhead of the fair isle knits, nature colorfully remains.


There are numerous lakes and rivers, among which the Tay River is said to be the longest in Scotland.


The multitude of blues and greens of these socks are an expression of the view from the island, with water as far as the eye can see.

Chup Volant

The iconic fisherman’s sweater of the Guernsey Island, between England and France.


Made for fishermen, the knit is extremely dense and the construction sturdy.


These socks are an expression of those sweaters. On the bottom is a helm wheel, hence “Volant”.

Chup Volant Socks SS18
Chup Zakko Socks SS18

Chup Zakko

The town of Yamabe, with its history of knitting and textiles dating back to the Edo period, is known as the fountainhead of summer knits.


In contrast with winter sweaters, absorption and quick drying are the sought after qualities of the yarns.

The beige represents the beach sand mixed with seashells, the rainbow represents the fish hiding in the colorful coral, and the blue represents the deep waters of the ocean.

Chup Appeltrad

Djurgarden Island means “garden of animals” and is home to lush greenery and beauty.


In this garden is the iconic appeltrad (apple tree). The red color of these socks is an expression of the apple. 

Chup Appeltrad Socks SS18
Chup Socks SS18
Chup Socks SS18
Chup Socks SS18
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