Chup socks Fall/Winter 2017

Chup Vuokatti

Based on the image of Finland’s clear lakes and endless forest, autumn suffused with fresh and pure nature, and the abundance of the woods with their berries and mushrooms.


These socks are an expression of the bountiful expression of nature on the backdrop of the region of Vuokatti.

Chup Coill

Based on the motif of the traditional knit patterns of the Shetland Isles in the northernmost part of England.


Using basic colors as well as melange in some parts in order to bring out deeper expression of colors. Coill means “forest” in Gaelic."


Chup Dia

These socks are an expression of the Native American rugs passed down generation to generation.


Those rugs contain the spirit of peoples who treasure nature and the land they live upon, even the sheep, the starting point of those rugs. Dia is the embodiment of the unmistakable rising and setting sun.

Chup Lys

Based on the motif of the traditional knitting of Norway. Nordic sweaters use finely detailed patterns throughout, using simple colors.


By the exquisite choice in colors, these socks are meant to evoke the northern lights. Lys means “shine” in Norwegian.

Chup Doma

Chup Doma Socks patterns are an expression of the respect for the fine craftsmanship of Latvia, born out of its nature, tradition, and lifestyle.


Latvian mittens embody various hopes and wishes, such as for happiness for one’s family or as charms to ward off evil. Doma is Latvian for these hopes and wishes.

Chup Vivienda

Chup Vivienda pattern is based on the Navajo rugs, which are composed of finely woven line after line.


Incorporating motifs of animals, nature, and crucial tools for daily life, those rugs are displayed prominently in the home. These socks feature the motif of the teepee, the traditional home adorned by those beautiful rugs.

Chup Nesna

Pattern of this warm wool socks is based on the motif of Nordic sweaters, passed down through the ages.


The technique of using not only the dotted-style design but patterns throughout the entire sock, the result is a dense knit that functions better to keep out the cold.

Chup Northern Lights

The patterns of these warm wool Chup socks are inspired by the lights appearing in the cold air which are sometimes called the “flames in the sky”.


The shimmering bands of lights of the aurora change colors – blue, red, green – which reflect on the white snow. These socks are an expression of this light show of heaven and earth.

Chup Ruska

Pattern of this Chup socks is based on the motif of the Finnish word Ruska which means the dramatic changing of the colors of the forest, as the seasons go from summer to autumn.


These socks express the beautiful fall colors of red, brown, and yellow, as well as the reflection of those colors on the surface of the lakes.

Chup Riga

Chup Riga socks named after the capital of Latvia. Traditional Latvian culture famous for its knitting and basketry, utilizing a wide variety of materials.


Among the well-known unique designs are those that use simple colors, particularly in mittens, which are the basis for these socks.

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