Chup by Glen Clyde Spring/Summer 2017

Spring/Summer 2017 CHUP socks collection from Japanese label Glen Clyde traditionally inspired by the different cultures of the world. The main motives of this collection are based on the cultures of the Baltics and Scandinavia

Chup Socks exist in a special category of artisan produced, durable, and truly unique accompaniments to your hand-grade footwear. Extremely meticulous production out of Japan with the rare hand-linked toe and comprised of the finest durable yarns available make a Chup not just a sock, but an artful luxury heritage accessory.

Chup - Kevat

Chup KEVAT socks are inspired by the Finnish spring time when after the long, harsh winter, the land fills with flowers the plants bud and birds sing.


A long and severe winter has passed and the appearance that the earth gradually turns red and pink flowers and gradually color is represented by socks. Farmers who work together and are hiding somewhere. "Kevät" is the Finnish for spring.

Chup Kevat - Green

Chup Kevat - Blue

Chup Kevat - Grey

Chup - Mits

There are many beautiful handicrafts in Latvia of the Baltic States. Expression of the pattern of Latvian knitted with MITS (myth) and nature as a motif with socks.


Like Latvian mittens, these socks by Chup also have wishes such as health and fortune. 

Chup Mits - Ivory

Chup Mits - Grey

Chup Mits - Blue

Chup - Kihnu

The Kihnu Socks are inspired by Kihnu Island in Estonia, where one of the old handicrafts was making mittens decorated with geometric design motifs such as large rhombuses and squares of various sizes.

Chup Kihnu - Blue

Chup Kihnu - Oatmeal

Chup Kihnu - Red

Chup - Valborg

Chup Valborg Socks are constructed from a cotton mix and are inspired by a Swedish festival of the same name, at which people make a fire out of all the dead wood from the long winter and pray for the coming of Spring. 

Chup Valborg - Purple

Chup Valborg - Green

Chup Valborg - Indigo

Chup - Permian

Chup Permian ankle socks are inspired by the landscapes of by vast landscape of the Arizona desert and the Grand Canyon and employ designs that relate to the geological rock formations of the area. 

Chup Permian - Grey

Chup Permian - Blue

Chup Permian - Red

Chup - Muir

Chup Muir socks are inspired by the Fair Isle, surrounded by deep blue ocean. In winter, these lands are buffeted by bitterly cold winds, yet in spring, there is bountiful plant life. One’s eyes are filled with green and ocean blue.

Chup Muir - Blue

Chup Muir - Green

Chup Muir - Grey

Chup - Quilting Bee

Patterns of the Chup Quilting Bee ankle socks based on the motif of early American quilts. Though materials were scarce, people got together and shared fabric as well as news and stories as they made quilts together at these quilting bees.

Chup Quilting Bee - Green

Chup Quilting Bee - Blue

Chup Quilting Bee - Yellow

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