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 Sock Club Moscow 2014 - 2019


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Circle of Unity – is an independent brand from Russia's cultural capital - Saint-Petersburg. The brand produces limited minimalist collections inspired by nature and animal world. The “Dogs Of My Friends” socks are a part of collection with portraits of dogs of the brand's creator's friends...

Daniil Landar x Stoyn Socks


Daniil Landar x Stoyn Socks

Daniil Landar x Stoyn – collaboration of a Moscow based desinger Daniil Landar and a poet Sergey Starostin aka Stoyn. The brand starded its way in 2011 taking inspiaration from ideas, images and architecture of the avant-garde epoque and soviet constructivism...

Pendleton Woolen Mills Socks



On these pictures you can see exampleas of wearing Pendleton socks inspired by Native American designs and legends in combination with top-siders shoes....

Sock Club Moscow Packaging


Sock Club Moscow Packaging

Each order we carefully pack in our packaging so you could be absolutely satisfied with your purchase...

Chup by Glen Clyde Ankle Socks. Made in Japan


Three collections of short ankle socks made by Japanese hosiery masters - Chup By Glen Clyde. On the pictures you can see how these socks look on girls' feet. Men's and women's sizes available...