Wo are we
Sock Club Moscow is not an ordinary sock store. It is the place that helps those who pay particular attention to details in their style and daily life. We share the thought that small things play a crucial role in literally everything. After all we all know that those are always the small things which are constituent elements of the complete images. In particular small things are responsible for that special imperssion of uniqueness of the whole image.


In our passion for socks we on no account can call these warderobe elemets - small things. Socks for us is the piece that plays special and individual role among other garments. Of course there are lots of different socks but since we have a particular interest for them, we specialize, investigate and examine all in order to offer you best selection of socks.


Our online store takes a responsible task in helping those who share our attitude in an effort of building an ideal and complete image with a pair of excellent socks.


The socks

Our online store contains the socks from the best sock brands and sock manufacturers from around the world including Russian sock brands. The entire range of products on our website is only original. We purchase products directly from manufacturers and official suppliers.

The assortment of our online store presents socks from such brands as Anonymous Ism (Japan), Chup Socks (Japan), Ayame (Japan), Burning Heels (Russia), Circle of Unity (Russia), Democratique Socks (Denmark), DOIY (Spain), Happy Socks (Sweden), Nikita Gruzovik (Russia), Lecharlatan (Russia), Super Socks (Russia), Sammy Icon (Ukraine), Solmate Socks (USA), Socks'N'Roll (Russia), St.Friday Socks (Russia), Yarn Works (Korea), Volchok (Russia), Yunost (Russia), Zaporojec (Russia).


Our prices
We try to offer the lowest possible prices on the market. If you know an online place, where you can buy cheaper the styles we have on our site, please send us this information with links to those socks and we will provide you a discount coupon to beat the price difference.



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